Every once in a while, an athlete or celebrity does something that makes me say, "wow". Not the regular wow about a long field goal, a touchdown or an Oscar win. I'm talking about the "wow" when a celebrity goes out of their way to make someone's day just a little bit better. Well that's exactly what happened Tuesday night at a Cleveland Cavaliers game in Boston. And now, I have to like LeBron James...

During a break in play, James jogged over to a 16-year-old Special Olympian and probably made his year. The elated teen, Aaron Miller, had just been honored as a "Hero Among Us". James was caught on FOX Sports cameras running over to Aaron and his family standing courtside. He reached out to shake the teens hand, but Miller is physically unable. He rubs his head and gives them all a quick smile. You can see the teen mouth "oh my God".

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics
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After the game, LeBron went back over to the teen and gave him his sneakers.

Miller's family told the TODAY show, "It was quite overwhelming... It was unreal to see my son's reaction because he is a huge basketball fan. I think his facial expression said it all. There were just no words to describe seeing someone's hero approach him and touch him. Not only did he come over to him, he made a real connection with him, and that was incredible."

During this time of year, many of us strive to give back to others with gifts and even donations to charity. We should all try harder- even if it's just to smile at the clerk checking you out at the store or paying for someone's coffee behind you at Starbucks. Small acts of kindness like this renew my faith in people. You can make that choice today. Make the world better.

LeBron James... a hero.

Rob Kirkpatrick

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