The President of Florida State University in Tallahassee has taken a stand. It's a stand that in my opinion has come one life too late. President  John Thrasher made the announcement that Greek Life, aka fraternities and sororities, are no longer a part of campus life at FSU. At least for the foreseeable future.

Thrasher made the decision to suspend those activities in the wake of a student death over the weekend. The young man, a fraternity pledge, died after an off-campus house party. The incident happened just as thousands of FSU parents were descending on the campus for the annual family weekend.

Earlier this year a fraternity pledge at LSU died after what could only be described as criminal behavior by members of an on-campus fraternity. That fraternity is no longer welcome at LSU.

While I applaud the LSU response, I enthusiastically support the move of Florida State. This isn't "one bad house". This is a culture that has gotten out of control. I don't blame the members of today's fraternities and sororities.

I blame us older folks.

It was bad in the 80's with the underage drinking, drug use, rampant sex crimes, yes crimes, and overall disrespect for life, not just college life. We should have come out of our haze and said: "This Can't Continue". but we didn't and now another family is burying their future because their child got caught up with the wrong group of kids.

The kids that were supposed to be "the best kids on campus".

I believe Greek Life will eventually return to Florida State. I hope it does. Fraternity and sororities are an important part of the college experience. Almost every one of those organizations has a charitable wing or component that makes the world a better place. I would hate to see that disappear.

However, I'd hate even more for another parent to receive a phone call that their son or daughter has been hospitalized or even worse because of immature overzealous students who aren't yet old enough to have the proper perspective and appreciation for life.

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