The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has added 840 new words and definitions to their publication, and some of them are probably every day things you are now saying. The words and phrases range from political to pop culture to slang. Some of the new words, and their meanings are below. Carry on, class...

  • Fave - short for 'favorite'
  • Guac - informal abbreviation  for guacamole
  • Hophead - a beer enthusiast
  • Marg - short for margarita
  • Mocktail - non alcoholic cocktail
  • Rando - slang for a random person
  • Ribbie - short for 'Runs Batted In'
  • Tent City - tents set up as temporary housing, usually for the homeless
  • Time Suck - when you could be spending your time on more productive things
  • Zuke - short for zucchini
  • Force Quit - when you have to force an uncooperative computer program to shut down
  • Instagram - photo sharing social media service
  • Adorbs - short for adorable
  • Bingeable - when you can watch multiple episodes in rapid succession
  • Bougie - when one is overly concerned with wealth and appearances
  • Hangry - when you are irritable and hungry at the same time
  • Latinx - gender neutral for Latino and Latina



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