In celebration of National Hot Dog Day, I shared a Kirkpatrick Family favorite way of eating "America's Favorite Food". Okay, I'm not sure if it's officially America's Favorite, but it's my favorite. Growing up, I lived about a mile from Sea World in San Antonio, TX. As you can imagine, we spent every Saturday that it was over 70 degrees at the water park there. Hint: there are a ton of 70+ degree days in Texas.

We eventually got tired of packing ham sandwiches and other typical "ice chest food", so my parents got creative. I'm not sure where this started or where the idea came from. This was 20+ years before Facebook or Pinterest was around to give them cool ideas like this.

I present to you... Aluminum Foil Hot Dogs. Much like the ChickFilA foil bags, the bun for your hot dog is perfectly steamed and soft. I could seriously eat 10 of these dogs just thinking about it.

The assembly is important.

Start with aluminum foil. Place the bun. Sprinkle cheese directly on the bun (this is key so that cheese does not stick to the foil wrapper). Place the cooked hot dog and cover with chili. Wrap it all up and pack into an ice chest. I don't suggest eating them before about an hour wrapped up to steam. Enjoy!

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