Everyone is excited about the new Lafayette location of Drago's, but what's the correct pronunciation?

Drago's is known for their original charbroiled oysters and delicious seafood dishes, and I have to admit—as famous as the restaurant is, I wasn't 100% sure how to correctly pronounce the name.

I've always called it DRAH-go's and I'm not too proud to admit that my decision is solely related to watching Rocky movies as a child.

I've had friends from the New Orleans area (home of their original location) who have pronounced it up to three different ways, and since they've opened their doors here in Lafayette it's basically been the same story.

So, what is the correct pronunciation? Is it DRAH-go's? Is it DRAY-go's? Is it DRAG-o's?

We asked the owner, and he set the record straight.

Check out the video above to find out the answer, and share this with your friends before you check out the delicious food at their Lafayette location on the corner of Johnston and Doucet.

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