If you are preparing your Thanksgiving feast while you are reading this, my apologies. There are a lot of weird things that can happen to shut down a public transport rail system, but I would never have thought that human hair would be one of them.

According to the Amalgamated Transit Union, the Washington DC Metro has accumulated enough human hair, skin, and other debris on their aging tracks to shut the whole darn thing down. There is enough of the gunk to spark at least four fires a week for the last year. UGH.

We don't want to get too graphic, and you can read about the whole situation on ars technica.com. But here are a few facts you might not know. The DC Transit System provides around 97 million rides a year. One person can shed up to 200 hairs a day, and almost 500 million skin cells per person, per year. That's a shedding situation, for sure!

Good luck with all this, y'all....

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