If you are a duck hunter, you need Duk Nutz.

The name may make you grin and giggle, but the product's creator says you most certainly won't forget it, nor will you regret purchasing them.

Hunter Andras has been hunting since he was 5-years-old, and he says the most tedious part of the process was setting his spread and having to retrieve the decoys, especially when they got tangle up. Hunter set out to find a way to mitigate the time it took to do that, so he could spend more time on bringing down the birds.

Duk Nutz decoy anchors was born from that desire to solve the problem, and Hunter decided to share that solution with other hunters. The Duk Nutz design, he says, is fairly simple to use and prevents damage to the actual decoy.

You can check out Duk Nutz for yourself at the Louisiana Outdoor Expo at the Cajundome Convention Center, July 27-29, sponsored by Fire and Safety Specialists.

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