When we think of frogs most of us usually think of the city of Rayne and the wonderful festival dedicated to all that we love about frogs. This story is not about the good kind of frogs we celebrate.

Biologists say the Cuban tree frog has made its way into Louisiana from Florida. It could become an ecological disaster in our state. Oh yeah, and it could really mess up your plumbing, short out your electricity and cause a burning sensation on your skin too.

The Cuban tree frog has been spotted in the New Orleans area and it is a major threat to the native frog species, the green tree frog. By a threat I mean the Cuban frogs actually eat the green tree frogs.This is the ecological disaster side of the equation.

As if muscling out a native species wasn't bad enough, the Cuban tree frogs can be a real pest to humans in several ways. Simply touching one of these frogs can create a burning sensation to the skin. The same unpleasant sensation goes for animals that come in contact with the frogs.

The other major issue with the frogs is where they choose to live. They have been known to clog plumbing in homes in Florida. There have even been reports of frogs causing power outages and even fires when they choose to reside in outside electrical boxes.

How can we stop or at least slow down the spread of the Cuban tree frog?

Biologists suggest you follow the same steps you would follow for mosquito control. Don't leave areas of standing water around your home. This would mean planters, flower pots, watering cans, tires, and children's toys. Experts also suggest that if you spot a Cuban tree frog you eradicate them, that means kill them.

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