As we keep demanding things to make life easier, we increase the chances of being less secure. Instagram user Hedgehog _ Sashimi posted a video showing that an iPhone's fingerprint sensor had no problem reading a hedgehog's paw as a 'finger,' allowing the animal's print to be used to unlock the phone.

The implications are horrifying because this is further proof that fingerprint locks are not as secureas Apple and other companies that use them would like us to believe. Password alternatives like fingerprint readers, called biometrics, are preferred by most people because there's no need to remember or enter a code or password. Fingerprints can be easily obtained by thieves from drinking glasses, keys, or just about anything else you handle daily while leaving behind a clean print.

The Daily Mail spoke to computer science professor Anil Jain, who says biometrics are not as safe as most people think they are, and that it's best to use a combination of both a biometric and a password. He also says it's best to create a truly unique password or use a password generator and 'safe' like the Dashlane app.

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