With such relentless and determined law enforcement officers in Texas I just assumed that there was no way that anyone would be an inmate in a Texas prison and be able to get away. But I am incorrect, as there are 9 criminals that were inmates in a Texas prison and were sneaky enough to get away without staff noticing, and they are still on the run from the law right now.  

No matter what crime was committed to put these federal prisoners behind bars, they were sentenced in a court of law and never completed their sentence. But you’re only making your situation worse when trying to escape from prison. Most people trying to get away are caught and have to deal with a worse punishment but the people on the list below were able to sneak away and law enforcement would love your help bringing them to justice. 

Don’t Try to Apprehend Anyone Running from Police 

While it’s great that so many people want to help law, enforcement track these criminals down, they are serious offenders, and you should remove yourself from harm and let the officers do their job. In fact, if you see any of the fugitives listed below reach out to the United States Marshals Service at 606-657-1128. 

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Let’s See the Criminals That Have Run from Texas Prisons 

Here is a look at 9 federal prisoners who escaped in Texas and are still running today. Let’s hope that law enforcement can track these criminals down soon so they can serve the rest of their sentence.  

ON THE RUN: Federal Prisoners Who Escaped in Texas And Have Never Been Seen Again

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark/TSM

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