A bomb scare in St. Mary Parish turned out to be nothing more than an egg.

The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's office was called to a residence on Barrow Street in Amelia over the weekend about an "unknown object".

According to the release by the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office, someone called 911 to complain about an unknown object that was placed under their home.

The call came in on Saturday, just after 11 in the morning. St. Martin Parish Sheriff's deputies were assisted by the Amelia Volunteer Fire Department.

Authorities were told that the homeowner had received death threats and a video of something wrapped in a bandana that had been hidden under the homeowner's house.

Investigators investigating the incident were able to locate the device that had been left under the home under the front porch.

Anytime a suspicious device is found, actions are taken to protect the public from what could possibly be an explosive device - so nearby residents were evacuated to a safe area.

Police also closed off a portion of the street in the name of public safety.

staff photo
staff photo
The "All Clear" was given after the Louisiana State Police Hazmat/Bomb Division came to the realization that the "device" was nothing more than a chicken egg, wrapped in a bandana.
The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office did not make any mention of arrests or if there was even a suspect in this case, but they did say that the investigation continues.
If you have any information on this case, please contact the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office.

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