Every parent wants what is best for their children and will go to great lengths to protect them.

Actress Kiersten Warren (Independence Day, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood according to IMDB) took to Twitter this week to warn parents about an interaction that took place between her daughter and a stranger.

Warren, who has been married to Kirk Acevedo since 2005, has two children - one from a previous marriage and a daughter from this marriage, Scarlett Acevedo.

Scarlett is now 18 and, though Warren didn't say where, was at her place of employment when the interaction took place.

Her first Tweet about the interaction begins with her daughter Scarlett's words -

Mommy there was this really scary man in here. - Scarlett Acevedo

I will assume that if a "regular" creepy guy had hit on Scarlett, she would have brushed it off as just a guy who was being creepy. But for her to reach to her mother in this instance, I figured it would be worse than that.

Turns out, it appears to be much worse.

Warren says that she was bathing when she heard from her daughter and, immediately, rushed out of the house toward Scarlett's place of employment.

On the way, she contacted Scarlett's father who, as one would imagine, hopped into his vehicle and headed straight to his daughter.

When Warren arrived at her daughter's place of employment, the owner of the establishment was already there, reviewing the security video.

Warren continues with the story -

Scarlett tells her mother that an older man walked into the establishment and began to compliment her and ask her questions, including asking about her age.

Then he offers her a ride on his motorcycle and started to pile on more compliments.

Of course, the smartest, safest answer to the motorcycle question is "No", so that's what Scarlett told him.

Photo by Matthew Kwong on Unsplash
Photo by Matthew Kwong on Unsplash

The man reportedly got angry when Scarlett denied him the opportunity to take a photo of her face.

This is where it gets scary - Scarlett overhears him saying something on the phone while she was helping another customer. The words she heard sent up huge red flags.

Did you get that?

No she's here in LA - yeah beautiful girl

Could it be that the man was just talking to a friend about a girl he just met at a store? Yes, it could be. But it could also be something much more sinister.

From here, the questions became more threatening - not on the surface because it could have just been "small talk" - as he asked her about her schedule and where she parks her car.


Now it's getting very weird.

After Scarlett denied all of his advances and avoided his questions, the man walked out of the store with the goods he had purchased.

Warren goes on to say that they (as a family) decided that Scarlett should no longer work at that store (out of an abundance of caution, I'd assume).

Warren's Twitter thread should be a good reminder to everyone that your actions have an effect on others - and a message to men: don't be creepy.

And ladies, if a situation throws up red flags, respect them and protect yourself - even at the cost of coming across as rude. I'd rather be thought of as rude than remembered as a victim.

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