NASA says that a 1.6-pound piece of equipment from the International Space Station fell and hit a house in Naples, Florida.

The bizarre incident happened last month when a piece of equipment that was used to house batteries on the ISS detached and fell toward Earth.

The detachment was not an error and the piece of equipment was labeled "Space Junk" by NASA.

Amazingly, the piece of equipment, which weighs over 5,000 pounds, survived as it entered Earth's atmosphere, but upon landing and hitting the home, the large piece of equipment only weighed over one pound.

Like anything else, the large piece of equipment burnt up as it entered the atmosphere, but it did not burn up completely, thus allowing a small part of it to survive re-entry and hit the house.

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Space Junk is common as many pieces of equipment are disposed of while in orbit and NASA says there's something on the order of 6,000 tons of it in low Earth orbit above our planet right now.

NASA did not give the exact address where this bit of Space Junk fell, but I would imagine that the homeowners were left scratching their heads when they discovered this bizarre foreign object in their house.

Yes, it crashed through the roof and even penetrated into the floor of the house.

Now, the next time I am reminded by local meteorologists that the ISS is zooming over Acadiana, I'll be out there looking at it with a football helmet on.

Here's the report from the home where the debris did some minor damage.


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