As much as we love our crawfish, and with the fevered pitch we plow through our boils, this video is going to literally make your entire body go numb...seriously.

Logan Ellzey via
Logan Ellzey via

The Most Horrifying Thing A Cajun Can See

One of the most important steps to a great boil is purging your crawfish.

We're not going to get into the debate about purging with or without salt right now and for good reason.

After watching this video, we can all come together and agree that purging with fire is the only appropriate action.

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As one Reddit so perfectly points out, this is a crime against Cajuns.

OK, take a deep breath, get situated, take another deep breath, and lets into this.

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Crawfish With Slug Inside Of It
Reddit Via Czrnoborg

In this video, you'll see what appears to be some sort of leech cozying up to a crawfish.

Not sure exactly if it's technically a leech or not, but it's absolutely technically a hot bowl of nightmare sauce.

Clearly, the creature needed a warm place to take a nap so just...uh...

Have you seen the movie "Alien"? Remember the scene where the alien burst out of the guy's chest?

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We'd like to describe to you what happens to this crawfish but honestly...we just can't stomach typing the words.

So here. Just watch it...and we're sorry.

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