Franklin, La is starting 2023 off in a positive way. The new year has Kumho Tires opening a massive 350,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center in St. Mary Parish.

Unsplash Via Robert Laursoo
Unsplash Via Robert Laursoo

Kumho Tires Distribution Center in St. Mary Parish

According to the Board of directors for Kumho Tires Inc "has approved an agreement with Melis Group LLC" to open a new warehouse and distribution center in Franklin, La.

The warehouse and distribution center is reportedly a whopping 350,000-square-foot multi-million-dollar facility.

Kumho Tires Inc. is one of the world's largest manufacturers of 17-inch passenger and light truck tires. Via Obi - @pixel7propix Via Obi - @pixel7propix

Obviously, the opening of this new facility means new job opportunities.

The opening of the new Kumo Tires Inc. warehouse and distribution center is expected to create a minimum of 200 full-time jobs for St. Mary Parish.

From -

"Brandy Christian, president, and CEO of Port of New Orleans said in a press release 'This is a testament to the work Port NOLA and our economic development partners have done to attract new imports and grow container business statewide. Kumho’s investment will also strengthen Louisiana’s position in the rubber and tire market as Port NOLA continues to be the number one importer of natural rubber in the United States.'"



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