We're six days into 2023 and we've already gotten our first Louisiana Buc-ee's rumor.

But could it really be "new year, new Buc-ee's" in the boot state? According to a report from the Shreveport Times, the beloved mega travel center may have a shot to (finally) open in Louisiana; but I've got some good news and some bad news for Buc-ee's fans in Acadiana.

Let's start with the good news: A Buc-ee's opening in Louisiana means that maybe more Buc-ee's can make it to Louisiana after we've heard every reason under the sun as to why they aren't already here—usually simplified (but never really confirmed) as "Louisiana's politics."

There was a report that Buc-ee's announced "tentative plans" to build the first Louisiana store in Baton Rouge back in 2016 but the project was squashed by 2017. Here we are, five years later, and still no beaver statue in Louisiana.

Ok, now the bad news: Based on the Shreveport Times story, the Buc-ee's store that may be in the works would be located in Ruston, LA on Interstate 20. For those of you who aren't 100% familiar with where Ruston is located in Louisiana, let's just say it may as well be in Arkansas.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Don't get it twisted; I'm not being negative in the least bit, but speaking solely from my current location in Lafayette, I'm closer to Buc-ee's in Baytown, TX than I am to the proposed Buc-ee's in Ruston, LA.

Of course, for most Louisianans, Buc-ee's is a travel destination, so having one on the way to Arkansas, East Texas, or wherever you may be headed in that direction is always a plus—not to mention anyone who has family or loved ones they regularly visit in north Louisiana.

Some may also argue that any Louisiana Buc-ee's is better than no Louisiana Buc-ee's. If I'm being completely honest, I do sometimes wonder if Buc-ee's would lose its allure amongst Acadiana/Louisiana folks if it was readily available and just a few minutes away from wherever you may be on a daily basis.

Is Buc-ee's really the place you want to get gas and a quick bite when you're pressed for time in the morning on your way to school or work? Would you hit up Buc-ee's for lunch if you were working within a tight window for time?

But I digress. Ruston's City Council is reportedly set to "vote on a tax incentive package and a cooperative endeavor agreement" for the project at its upcoming Monday meeting.

The company listed on the agenda is reportedly affiliated with Buc-ee's.

The City Council released its agenda Thursday afternoon for the 5:30 p.m. meeting. It lists an item authorizing the city to enter a cooperative endeavor agreement with CSMS Management LLC, which sources say is affiliated with the Buc-ee's development.

For what it's worth, the mayor of Ruston was also tight-lipped "when asked directly" about a potential Buc-ee's project.

So, this looks like it's got all the makings of a solid Louisiana Buc-ee's rumor and we'll keep you posted if anything "develops." See what I did there?

In the meantime, you can read a much more detailed story here via The Shreveport Times and I highly encourage you to share this story and fuel any and all Buc-ee's speculation—because that's what we do with Louisiana Buc-ee's gossip.

New Year. New Buc-ee's rumor. Let's do this.

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