Another phone scam has started to make its way around Louisiana. It's essential to stay informed to help yourself and your friends and family avoid being scammed.

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Jury duty is one of those things most people dread having to do. With how busy life gets, it would be easy to believe you may have 'missed' your turn to appear for jury duty.

Jury Duty Phone Scam Hits Louisiana

Jonas Leupe + Canva
Jonas Leupe + Canva

KLFY reported that the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office says victims are receiving phone calls informing them that they have "missed jury duty" and now owe no-show fees that must be paid. The caller attempting to collect those fees may claim to work for a local Sheriff's office and use the name of a deputy.

The victim is then given two options for payment: purchase a prepaid card, like a visa gift card, or pay their fees using a Bitcoin kiosk to "void the warrant and avoid arrest".

Gary Guillory, a Calcasieu Parish Sheriff, clarifies that you will never receive a phone call from a deputy asking for money regarding missing jury duty or an active warrant.

These scammers are preying on fear and urgency, threatening arrest if you are non-compliant. There are several warning signs to look for to spot a scam and possibly save yourself from becoming a victim. Be wary if the requester is asking you for personal information or bank account numbers. The suspect will normally ask for payment via wire transfers or gift cards and may direct you to not tell anyone and to stay on the phone until the transactions are complete. Always verify requests through official channels before taking any action.


Tips To Avoid Falling Victim To Scammers

  1. Register with the National Do Not Call Registry to reduce the amount of telemarketers and scammers who may try to contact you.
  2. Use Call Blocking Apps or Features on your phone. Most smart phones should have built-in features to block unwanted calls or you can try one of the various call blocking apps out there.
  3. Always be skeptical of unsolicited calls, and never give out any personal information.

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