A bet was placed seven years ago between Lafayette filmmaker and Saint Thomas More alum, Brennan Robideaux, and Armand 'Mondo' Duplantis after he broke the high school world record as a Lafayette High School student.

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Robideaux, 21 at the time, was blown away by the then 17-year-old and asked if he would be interested in making a documentary to capture his journey's ins and outs.

Initially, Duplantis was hesitant about being the subject of a documentary, even though his parents were completely on board from the start—pun intended. Fast-forward, and Robideaux has captured thousands of hours of footage and transformed it into the documentary 'Born To Fly'.

I just liked him as a person. I liked Brennan. He was somebody that I wanted around me, and I think that's why this documentary is going to be so special. There's going to be a lot of inside stuff because he's in my hotel rooms. He's with me all the time, and he can only get the behind-the-scene footage because I like him so much. I don't let people into my life as much as I've let him in, so I think he's going to get a really good insight into things.

According to The Advocate, the film has made several film festival appearances in the United States but now millions will be able to watch the documentary from the comfort of their own homes. Viewers can stream the film on the Olympic Channel starting May 31st.

The film hit theaters in Europe and was streamable in other countries, but this is the first time the United States will have access from their homes. The Lafayette native has been pole vaulting since he was three years old and traveling to his mother's native country of Sweden.

After six years of documenting, we now have the pleasure of seeing the journey and story of how Mondo graduated high school, went on to make a name for himself as an LSU Tiger, and became not just a world record holder but an Olympic Gold Metal winner.

Stream it here.

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