ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (KPEL News) - Four people have been arrested after two women took a care package to two men in St. Martinville.

The problem? The care package was methamphetamine and other narcotics, and the men are inmates.

Bridget Victoriano, 60, of Henderson, and Joelee Myers, 29, of Cecilia brought a package of contraband to the St. Martin Public Safety Complex - which houses the St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office. That package contained crystal meth, synthetic cannabinoids, tobacco, and cigarettes, according to the sheriff's office.

The package was placed in a specific area for two working inmates, Eric Williams and Cory Fisher, who were apparently planning to take it back to prison with them.

Pictured: Corey Fisher (top left), Eric Williams (top right), Bridget Victoriano (bottom left), Joelee Myers (bottom right).

However, patrol deputies discovered the package at the Public Safety Complex and an investigation immediately ensued. That led the sheriff's department to arrest Victoriano and Myers, as well as charge Williams and Fisher, who were already in prison.

All four were charged with Contraband Taking To/From a Penal Institution. Fisher, Victoriano, and Myers were arrested with Criminal Conspiracy. Myers was also charged with Distribution of Schedule I Narcotics (Synthetic Marijuana) and Distribution of Schedule II Narcotics (Methamphetamine).

Victoriano and Myers were booked into the St. Martin Parish Correctional Center on the above charges. Williams and Fisher, who are already incarcerated on unrelated charges were booked on the above charges.

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