Lafayette residents using Cox for their Internet services can expect outages on Friday as the company works to update its network.

In an email sent to customers on Friday, May 19, the service provider told customers that while they will be doing most of the work in the middle of the night, some of it will need to be done during the day.

On 05/26, we’ll be making an update in your area to keep up with network traffic growth. This way, you can continue to work and learn from home with reliable service.
We try to conduct as much work as possible during the middle of the night, but unfortunately some of it must be done during the day. This means, you’ll experience a service outage and won’t be able to access your Cox services or any devices connected to the Internet.
We know this is an inconvenience, especially now, but don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of notice before we begin so you can prepare.
In most cases, work is completed in four hours or less. You will experience at least one service interruption during that time.

The network outages come when most students from area schools will be home. In most cases, schools are letting out for summer in the days prior.

But Cox says the network updates are necessary to be able to continue providing service on a "refreshed network that’s stronger and faster than before," its website says.

Credit: Cox/Website
Credit: Cox/Website

The outages do not appear set to last long but could come during critical workday hours. Customers should plan ahead in case their Internet service is disrupted.

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