The public's assistance is needed to locate a missing child in the Youngsville area. The child, identified as James, was last seen mowing the grass and has not been heard from since.


Just after 5 p.m., we were informed that James had been found safe in police custody and headed home to be reunited with his family.


Jodie Baird Orgeron shared a heartfelt plea on Facebook:

Missing child: James. With permission to share. Please share with anyone in the Youngsville area. His name is James. He is a very sweet boy. He needs help. He was last seen mowing the grass. Please, any leads—we need help finding him.

James is described as a very sweet and kind-hearted boy. No matter how small, any information could be essential in bringing James home safely.

We were able to contact Rachelle Rodrigue, who, along with her husband, has custody of James. Rodrigue made the following post in the Nextdoor app.

Nextdoor, Rachelle Rodrigue
Nextdoor, Rachelle Rodrigue

According to Rodrigue, James was last seen around noon on Sunday (July 7), walking onto Bonin Road in a red shirt and navy or black shorts.

Residents in the Youngsville area and beyond are urged to share this information widely and immediately report any sightings or leads to the local authorities.

If you have any information regarding James's whereabouts, please contact the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department, local authorities, or Rodrigue and her husband at 337-224-6375 or 337-230-2169.

We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

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