Officials with Berkshire's Grocery Company, the parent company of Super 1 Foods, say they removed credit card skimmers from two Louisiana stores according to KLFY.

These incidents are a good reminder for customers everywhere that you can be the victim of a skimmer anywhere.

In just the last few years, we have covered multiple stories of skimmers being found at grocery stores and various gas station pumps throughout Acadiana and Louisiana.

Officials with Super 1 in Opelousas and Crowley say that skimmers were found at registers at these stores.

From April 11, 2024, through May 3, there were skimmers found at the Crowley store, and from April 30, 2024, through May 3 at the Opelousas store.

According to the officials at Brookshire's the devices were only able to read the cards that were swiped, not only that were tapped or read. But, did personal information get stolen? That's a question the company doesn't have an answer for right now.

It seems like any time we turn around there is another scam being reported. Last month, there were two more parishes dealing with credit and debit card skimmers.

Also last month, there was our report of a skimming being found on a credit card machine at the Dollar Tree store. A skimmer can be anywhere.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Law enforcement officials say you should look at any credit or debit card machine you encounter whether you are in a store or at the gas pump. You should touch it to see if anything feels fake. You should also scrutinize your debit and credit card statements to make sure that no one has made any purchases without your permission. If you think you have been scammed, you should always call police.

What Does The Device Your Running Your Card On Look Like?

Does the device the store or gas station is using for you to make your purchase look different? Often, law enforcement officials say that skimming devices will use a piece of plastic over the existing machine, so look for anything strange about the device. You should gently pull on them to make sure nothing comes loose.

If you feel uncomfortable about any transaction, ask to see a manager and explain your concerns to them.

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