Jaci Russo joined Bernie and Brandon on Acadiana's Morning News for her weekly Brand Buzz segment, offering listeners recommendations for the 5 apps they should be using if they own a small business.

Russo explained how these 5 apps can be implemented into a small business's routine.

These apps can be added once a week or month until you can assimilate them into your plan. They're easy tools to adapt and provide an immediate benefit, either low cost or free.

Russo's list of apps include PayPal, Yelp, and Twitter, the latter of which she says is extremely useful for small businesses and growing in popularity

When you look at markets around here, there’s a rapidly growing Twitter fanbase. It’s still not at the highest level of quantity or quality of users that Facebook has, but it’s getting there. Smaller group of people are more connected because there are less of them, so it’s an easier way to get in and be a part of it.

Twitter lets share knowledge. If you’re in a service based business and are a specialist at what you do, share that knowledge on Twitter. If you want to comment on the world around you, if you’re one of those people that has those pithy asides and sarcastic observations, Twitter needs you. Your voice is missing from that conversation. It’s a quick way to get out a quick message. When you’ve got something happening right now, Twitter is the place.

To hear the rest of the apps that Russo listens and her thoughts on each, click the image above and read more on her blog here.



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