College baseball, and college baseball stadiums, have come a long way over the last 20 years.

Players at Kentucky got a peak at their new stadium over the weekend, and they're ecstatic.

And well they should be.

The new $50 million stadium, which is still not fully completed, will seat 2,500 in the bleachers and another 1,500 with seating on the grass.

As with all new stadiums, there will also be suites and a club area,

Players continued to learn about their new home, which will unquestionably attract many top recruits:

And before they left, the players got some practice swings in on the virtual pitching machine:

The stadium is extremely impressive, and while the Kentucky baseball program will obviously benefit from it, college baseball, with all the money and attention being pumped into the sport, will continue to thrive as well.

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