As they get ready to kick off the European leg of their current tour in Stockholm today, Kiss have unveiled a glimpse of their new stage set.

A couple of weeks ago, Gene Simmons told fans during a Q&A session that the stage will include a giant spider that shoots fireballs out of its tentacles. Judging from the photos on the band's Facebook page, that's one massive spider.

Posts on the band's Facebook and Twitter pages give some background to the four photos -- two featuring the giant tentacles and two featuring crew members working on the structure -- that appeared online this morning: "Kiss' crew tirelessly continues work on the massive new Kiss stage this morning at Friends Arena Stadium. They have been working nonstop since arriving in Sweden two days ago. Last night, Kiss ran through a full production rehearsal, spending over seven hours at the stadium."

The band itself seems to be excited and energized by the new stage -- the first major rebuilding of the set undertaken in years. "It's always been an embellishment or a variation on the stage, but it's never been anything brand new," Paul Stanley recently told a Swedish TV station. "I think it's the most spectacular thing we've done in decades."

The new stage will also feature a 70-foot screen, and Simmons said that the band will "levitate and go 30 rows into the audience.” After their European tour in support of 'Monster,' Kiss will return to the U.S. for four shows in August.

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