Every year it seems like we have a prom wardrobe scandal.

This year, a female Lafayette High student is making the Facebook rounds after she was allegedly denied entry into her school prom. The student's sister posted photos to Facebook, upset about her being denied entry into her prom.

Within the comments many people were upset—some even posting photos of other girls who were allowed into prom with more "revealing" dresses, but the truth is, every person who is in charge of enforcing dress code rules is going to have a different viewpoint.

Here are some the rules:


I'll be honest, I can't see anything wrong with her dress, but if I had to guess where the school had an issue I would say they technically denied her entry due to her "plunging" neckline that was covered in a sheer material (???)


You've got the rules. You see her dress. Tell us what you make of this situation?

UPDATE: The mother of the Lafayette High student is currently talking with the principal. We will update the story when we receive more information.