What is free speech? What is excessive force? Hundreds are debating the definition of both after video of an arrest by Lafayette PD went viral over the weekend.

UPDATE: KLFY News 10 is reporting that Jasper Robinson, the man seen being body slammed, is in the process of filing a formal complaint against a Lafayette police officer after an incident that took place Saturday night. According to Cpl. Karl Ratcliff, Lafayette Police were responding to a fight in the middle of the street involving 30 to 40 people. Ratcliff described Robinson's behavior toward police as "verbally combative."

Both free speech and excessive force are defined in a legal sense, but often in the court of public opinion those definitions vary depending on the eye (or ear) of the beholder. Video of an arrest by Lafayette Police during their response to a fight in the Simcoe-St. John area this weekend is a perfect example.

The video, posted by Facebook user Treylan Francis, made its rounds on social media as Facebook users argued whether or not the Lafayette police officer used excessive or unnecessary force on a man who was given instructions to move out of the street to avoid blocking traffic.

The man is heard mouthing off to the officer after being told to move along when the officer turns around and approaches him. The crowd beings to back away as the officer grabs at the man and eventually apprehends him and slams him to the ground as other officers respond.

After the video was shared online, there were numerous debates on who was in the wrong.

KLFY reported that "police have confirmed that they were responding to a fight and that multiple arrest were made" as an investigation is ongoing.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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