There has been another shooting in Lafayette. Solving the case may be impossible.

Sergeant Robin Green with the Lafayette Police Department says investigators are trying to determine who is responsible for the shooting, but the victims are not being cooperative.

Thursday night just before 10 o'clock there was a drive-by shooting in the 100 block of Sternberg Street.

Police Lights

One of the victims is dealing with a gunshot wound, but he will live. The other victim, officials say, likely was injured by shrapnel.

What prompted this shooting? Investigators can only speculate because the victims aren't being very forthcoming. Investigators say they will continue to work on the case diligently.

Police car lights
Police lights, Maciej Korzekwa with Associated Press

Police officers have a tough enough job, but not getting information from the victims must be extremely frustrating for the detectives.

An interesting twist to this story is that according to witnesses at the scene, one person was shooting out of the sunroof of the suspect's car.

Police lights by night
Alex_Schmidt, ThinkStock

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