With the freezing temperatures shutting down schools in and around south Louisiana this week, many cozied up indoors to stay warm.

Alec Golden and his roommate and his roomate Eli Halaby are seniors at UL majoring in Engineering. They chose to take advantage of the ice, heading a few feet outside the front door to play ice hockey.

The two are raising money in hopes to play in pond hockey tournament in Minnesota. (If you want to help them achieve their dream, you can donate to their GoFundMe account here).

A frozen Lafayette driveway doesn't have much in common with frozen ponds in the North Star State....until today.

He shared the video on his twitter profile (@alec_golden3) of driveway ice hockey (give the tweet at RT).

I'm not positive, but that may be the first driveway ice hockey rink in Lafayette. It's definitely the "finest"!

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