We are a state that loves our food. And in order to cook, or order at a restaurant in the great state of Louisiana, you better know what to ask for! No problem. But if you have out of town guests, or people who want to cook 'Cajun' or 'Creole' dishes, then maybe you need to slip them this handy culinary guide to Louisiana food, from the folks at Louisiana Travel. C'est Bon!

  • Boudin - popular in cajun country, it's usually pork or seafood mixed with rice, in a sausage casing. A very popular choice for breakfast in south Louisiana
  • Etouffee - a delicious gravy with either seafood or meat, usually containing the 'trinity', which is onions, peppers and celery, served over rice. It literally means 'smothered'
  • Grillades - popular in New Orleans. Meat or veal that has been pan fried with tomatoes, onions and peppers, and cooked down to serve over rice or grits
  • Gumbo - as many varieties as we have parishes in Louisiana. A soup made with meat, game or seafood, and served over rice. All gumbos start out with a roux, which is flour and oil cooked to a golden perfection and used as the base of your soup or stew. Popular gumbo varieties include chicken and sausage, shrimp and okra, or seafood.
  • Jambalaya - meat, seafood, chicken, or pork mixed with vegetables and rice, and cooked together as one dish. A perfect cajun casserole dish!
  • Po'Boy - the official sandwich of Louisiana. Meats, cheeses, or seafood piled high in between two pieces of french bread. If you want it with lettuce, mayonnaise, tomatoes and pickles, ask for it 'dressed'
  • Praline - A sweet treat popular for centuries in Louisiana. Our unofficial dessert is made of brown sugar, whipping cream, butter and pecans, and was a staple in antebellum homes
  • Roux - flour, and butter or oil, mixed together to make a creamy base for any cajun or creole soup or stew. It has to be just the right consistency, which is achieved by constant stirring in your pot till it turns the color of peanut butter, or darker.
  • Cracklin' - a sliver of meat attached to a piece of fat, golden fried, and seasoned to perfection. Tastes like a delish piece of bacon that you can pop in your mouth.


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