Because of HIPAA Laws, we can't say for sure but judging by the amount of product that has been shipped to Louisiana's authorized medical marijuana pharmacies the newly legalized drug appears to be drawing a crowd. One official estimates that between 5,000 and 10,000 residents have taken advantage of the medicine in just the first week of legalized sales.

GB Sciences has partnered with the LSU AgCenter to provide the marijuana that is then manufactured into its medicinal state. GB President John Davis told the Louisiana Radio Network that all nine of the state's authorized pharmacies have received the product and the first week of sales have gone relatively smooth.

It’s going very well due in part to a lot of outreach by the pharmacies. We are really increasing awareness in the medical community.

Davis went on to suggest that the company is looking into providing oral strips as a delivery method for the drug as early as next month. The company also plans to provide creams to pharmacies by the end of the year. And GB Sciences is working on an inhalable product that could be available to patients within the first quarter of 2020.

The average medical marijuana prescription costs between $80 and $200. The prescriptions may only be written by certified doctors across the state. Those prescriptions then must be filled at one of nine state-authorized pharmacies.

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