As old as Stonehenge, built when Queen Nefertiti ruled Egypt, Poverty Point in north Louisiana is truly one of the great wonders of the world.

Poverty Point Louisiana

Poverty Point, in West Carroll Parish in northeastern Louisiana, is estimated to be over 3,400 years old. That dates Poverty Point as old as some of the pyramids in Egypt.

At the same time American Indians were building the awe-inspiring mounds at Poverty Point in north Louisiana, across the pond people were constructing Stonehenge and pyramids were still being built in Egypt.

Some of the earthworks at Poverty Point date all the way back to around 1600 and 1000 BCE according to archeologists however, some believe the mounds at Poverty Point are possibly even older.

The Monumental Earthworks of Poverty Point was officially named a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) in 2014.

Louisiana's Poverty Point is also a dedicated U.S. National Monument and also s U.S. National Historic Landmark.

Translation? Poverty Pont is one of the most important, and oldest ancient sites in the entire world.


Piled Higher and Deeper Via YouTube
Piled Higher and Deeper Via YouTube


How Big Is Poverty Point?

Poverty Point consists of five mounds, labeled A through E, as well as "six concentric C-shaped ridges".

Poverty Point has been described as "the largest and most complex Late Archaic earthwork occupation and ceremonial site yet found in North America".



Pretty amazing, right? I still haven't been to Poverty Point yet, but now I'm really itching to go.

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