They still teach spelling in school. It's very important to know how to spell especially in this day and age where the art form of putting the letters in the proper order to form a word is becoming a thing of the past.

With so many young people using "text language" and abbreviations I am afraid that spelling will become like cursive writing. A subject studied only inside the halls of academia and forgotten in the world in which most of us walk and talk.

I have to admit my spelling prowess is not what it used to be. Spelling is like a muscle and mine have gotten weaker over time thanks to technology like spell check on the computer. I know the squiggly red line means type it over.

So what is Louisiana's most misspelled word?


In case you were wondering a I did not spell it correctly when I first typed it in. Thanks to spell check you think I am smarter than I really am.

The list of the United States most misspelled words comes from Google. They took data from all of the searches that you and I make online and came up with a list of words that people in every state misspell the most.

People in Alaska can't spell Hawaii. People in Arizona and New Hampshire fumble over the word diarrhea. The word more American's have trouble spelling according to Google is desert. Like the sandy barren wasteland where their could be camels and nomads. Most of us like to put an extra "s" in there. When we do it becomes dessert. That's a tasty treat you might enjoy after dinner.

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