Your identity. It's important information but unfortunately, it can be easily duplicated, replicated, and fabricated. In today's world, the innocence of a "fake ID" has taken on a sinister feeling. A "fake ID' was something we all had on spring break so we could buy beer not commit acts of international terrorism. Therein lies the need for what is being officially called the Real ID.

What the Real ID act of 2005 did was set up minimal security standards that states would have to abide by in order to issue a person a bona fide legal ID. This was all done after 9/11 and is a good basic first step in weeding out the bad guys.

All states have known the Real ID was coming, however, Louisiana has been trailing the field in actually getting the program set up. The good news we, Louisiana, are up to speed on putting Real ID cards in your hand. In fact, the Office of Motor Vehicles has been distributing them since October of 2016.

The hang-up is with the Department of Homeland Security. They have yet to confirm the Louisiana process and therefore our state-issued IDs are not official. But rest assured they will be. So, go ahead and get your Real ID as soon as you can. However, if you need to board a plane you can still do so using your ID without the Real ID stamp until October 10th of 2018.

Personally, I would just go ahead and get an Official U.S. Passport. They are good for ten years and don't require much more effort than going to the OMV to get a Real ID. I find passports are just easier to use when traveling.


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