The start of football season on Sunday night at AT&T Stadium in Dallas brought out a lot of firsts for the LSU faithful. It was the fan's first time see Ohio State transfer Joe Burrow play quarterback. It was also the debut of the LSU Golden Girls' new uniforms.

When the famed femmes that are a part of the Golden Band from Tigerland took the field in Dallas Sunday as part of the LSU versus Miami college football game there was a bit of closure. You see Suzanne Perron St. Paul a well-known designer of ball gowns and Mardi Gras attire designed the new uniforms. She too was an LSU Golden Girl 31 years prior.

As you can see from the photo things have changed for the Golden Girls over the course of three decades. That's Suzanne Perron St. Paul from her days on the field with the squad and below are members of the current Golden Girls squad as pictured in their new togs designed by St. Paul.

The Golden Girls are regularly featured performers with the Golden Band from Tigerland at football games and other university-related events. By the way, the Tigers defeated the University of Miami by a score of 33-17 Sunday night.

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