As we reported to you earlier this week tickets for Saturday's game between LSU and Alabama are pretty expensive if you're purchasing them on the resale market. The opportunity for scalpers to make fast cash and an even quicker getaway in the crowd has prompted university officials to offer this advice. Make sure you know the tickets you're about to purchase are legit.

LSU officials say there were reports of bogus tickets being sold before the Georgia game. They are also hearing reports of football fans being scammed by ne'er do wells trying to unload bogus 'Bama tickets for Saturday. With some seats going for over $1500 a piece you can see why the bad guys would be motivated to attempt this kind of scam.

The University is suggesting that Tiger fans who are looking to purchase tickets on the secondary or resale market visit their official resale partner, StubHub, to ensure that the tickets you buy will actually get you into the game and into the seats you were promised.

One of the benefits of going through StubHub is this. Should there be a problem the University can actually help rectify the issue.  Ticket officials are also cautioning fans about posting pictures of their tickets on social media. All it takes is a clear shot of the ticket's barcode and someone could steal your access to the game.

The Tigers and the Tide will meet Saturday night in Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. Kickoff for the game is set for 7 PM. Fans who want to watch the game on television can see the broadcast on their local CBS television affiliate.

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