Three months of investigations by Lafayette Police is starting to pay off as officers have made an arrest in a massive mail fraud case.

According to a press release from Lafayette PD, they've been looking into fraudulent checks. Investigators say mail has been stolen from United States Postal drop boxes on Coolidge Street near Travis Street and other drop boxes within the Lafayette area.

Google street view
Google street view

Around 2:30 AM Thursday morning, officers say they stopped a suspect vehicle and noticed Beau Alexander Lafleur with several pieces of stolen mail. Investigators say approximately $600,000.00 in total value was lost in this mail fraud case. Authorities say Lafleur also had a United States Postal Key in his possession.

Laflear was arrested and faces the following charges:

  • 19 counts of Monetary Instrument Abuse
  • 15 counts of theft, (14 counts)
  • 14 counts of Forgery
  • 2 counts of Identity Theft
  • 1 count of Bank fraud
  • 1 count of Illegal Carrying of a Weapon
Lafayette Police Department
Lafayette Police Department Facebook

Lafayette Police say these crimes are happening ONLY FROM THE BLUE U.S. POSTAL DROP BOXES, not individual mail boxes.

Detectives say they do expect to make more arrests and that more victims will come forward. If you think you or someone you know may have been a victim of fraud, please contact Lafayette Police.

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