No, this young man is not a thief.

A viral video has surfaced of this young man picking up a pylon in the back of an endzone Saturday night in Tiger Stadium after LSU defeated Alabama.

As fans rushed the field to celebrate the upset in Baton Rouge, you see the young man featured here picking up a pylon on the field and running.

Well, many on the internet assumed that he was taking the field prop as a souvenir, but that was not the case.

LSU Football
LSU Football

Kase Ellerbe is a student manager for LSU Football Equipment and he was fulfilling his responsibility to secure the pylons. So no, he was not taking it and running off with this piece of field equipment.

LSU Football apparently got word that this young man, who works for them, had gone viral and they cleared up any misinformation in one single Tweet.

Check out what LSU Football had to say about Ellerbe as he reenacts his responsibility from last Saturday night in Tiger Stadium.


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