A viral tweet has sparked a serious debate that is spreading across social media.

Twitter user @JesseLynn decided to speak for all millennials and claim that her generation has done away with the top sheet. As a matter of fact, she called the top sheet "archaic." While millennials (and technology) have definitely phased out a lot of things that were once the norm, I'm not sure if I'm buying into this hot take.

I definitely use a top sheet for the sake of keeping cooler and having that extra layer of high thread count between myself and the comforter. I do know some folks who don't use a top sheet, but millennials have nothing to do with that decision.

Some people see it as unnecessary and just another nuisance that gets tangled within the covers. It's also one less step for those who hate making the bed and one less sheet to wash for those who hate doing laundry.

USA Today decided to take that viral tweet to task with a survey and while we don't know what percentage of the nearly 8,000 voters were millennials, it seems like the theory that their generation "killed" the top sheet was debunked.


Of course, there is no real science behind this, so we want to know what you think?

Top sheet, or no top sheet?

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