I've been producing Moon Griffon's show for the past 7 years.

One of the most enjoyable (and hilarious!) parts of me working with Moon is hearing the nicknames he comes up with for the people and politicians he covers.

As you know, Moon is relentless in his criticism of people he feels are not doing right by the people of Louisiana or our country. And Moon's comical way (though his political opponents don't always think so!) of coming up with nicknames for them not only helps him hammer home his points about them, but it actually ups their political profile.


Take, for instance, the group Moon calls the "Fraud Squad." It's the group of 23 GOP state legislators who voted with Democrats to elect House Speaker Clay Schexnayder, who Moon calls "Shake Down." There are many Acadiana area representatives on Moon's list that he has focused on and has given nicknames that have stuck - Stuart "Very Little" Bishop, Jean-Paul "Raising Taxes, Y'all" Coussan, and "Bogus" Beau Beaullieu - as well as others across the state such as Paula "Pelosi" Davis and Chris "Turncoat" Turner. These are part of the new group of legislators that Moon criticizes on an almost daily basis.

Below is a list of politicians whose nicknames have become the most memorable ones of Moon's broadcast career. These are names that you used to hear about more often as many of them are not in office anymore.

A couple of the people below embraced Moon's nicknames (Ex: The Night That "Pretty Boy" Troy Hebert Roasted Moon Griffon). "Bogus" Beau was recently a guest on Moon's show and not only has taken the nickname in stride but has actually discussed policy with Moon since.

photo courtesy of Beau Beaullieu

My advice to politicians who have been given a nickname by Moon: Come talk to him face-to-face on-air and give him a hard time back. At heart, Moon loves to laugh at himself and doesn't take himself too seriously. You may be on opposite sides of an issue with him but sitting down with him shows him that you are willing to defend your position and that you just want to laugh right along with him!

Enjoy the list below and remember: don't take yourself too seriously!

Moon Griffon's Most Memorable Nicknames