Usually, when we think of dust we don't think of it as a good thing. It makes our cars moving billboards for finger drawn messages, it makes our furniture look as if we've abandoned housekeeping, and it makes us sneeze. The good news is that some dust, Saharan dust, keeps tropical storms and hurricanes at bay. Pardon me while I sneeze with delight.


This isn't the first time this Summer we've had our forecast affected by dust from Africa. In June we saw some pretty spectacular sunrises and sunsets as a result of the high altitude particulate matter. We can expect more of the same over the next several days too.

Unfortunately, the dry dust won't decrease rain chances across the area. In fact, we've got a pretty strong shot at some pretty heavy downpours Friday and Saturday. Otherwise, our rain chances will be confined to the typical afternoon and early evening airmass thunderstorms we're used to for this time of year.

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