Look, we all do it to some degree. We get mad at someone for cutting us off in traffic, speeding, whatever. Everyone on the road but us is insane, right? However, nothing good will ever come from letting our anger get the best of us. Let this video be an important reminder of how quickly things can turn bad and not go the way we think they will.

Apparently, the driver of the SUV and the guy on the motorcycle had a disagreement on the road at some point. The guy on the motorcycle decides he's going to teach the other driver a lesson, so he follows him. The two stop, the guy on the motorcycle walks up the driver and punches him in the face.

What happens next is definitely not the way the motorcyclist envisioned this ending.

Bonus observation of what never to do - Don't ever walk up to someone pretending you have a gun behind your back. He's really lucky the driver didn't have a gun because he would have been killed.

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