Do you ever take the shortcut between Burlington Factory Outlet and Stein Mart? The little road that runs between Ridge and Johnston St. behind the old Target is still called Target Loop, according to Google Maps, even though the Lafayette LA Target is no longer located there. I drove down that street Thursday and noticed a big white streak in the corner of my right eye. I thought, "Is that a sidewalk? But there's nothing there!" So, of course, I had to stop and go take a closer look. Yep, it's a beautiful, new, bright white sidewalk - and it goes nowhere. There's nothing there. Nothing. Nothing where it starts, nothing where it ends, and nothing in the middle. I guess whoever owns the lot decided the improvement was a good idea. As long as the taxpayers didn't fund its construction, I'm fine with it. But it's odd, don't you think? There are no sidewalks in some places where kids walk to school, but this big empty lot has this gorgeous place to stroll - for a few yards.

To give some perspective, here's a view of the area from Google Maps:

target loop sidewalk
Google Maps

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