It's the hairstyle that went viral a decade ago and never looked back.

The "New Iberia Haircut" video has been viewed over 25,000 times but it's legacy reaches far beyond that. It's almost like it's less of a haircut, and more of a state of mind.

The haircut is basically a "short on the sides, full on the top" style that can vary depending on the person and their preference. But what if I told you the "New Iberia Haircut" was more than a silly local YouTube video skit?

"Dude, the 'New Iberia Haircut' has a name!"

That's a text I got last week from a friend who overheard someone describing "the New Iberia haircut" to the woman cutting his hair. He actually said the words "New Iberia haircut," but before my friend could even react to what he just heard, the stylist quickly responded with "oh, like a Caesar?"

Outside of the people who own fancy books with all the hairstyles in them, who else knew the "New Iberia Haircut" was the Caesar all along? A quick Google search not only confirmed the Caesar was indeed the "New Iberia Haircut" but I realized there were so many variations of this popular hairstyle.

For example, this is the "Short Caesar Cut."

If you want that classic look, go in with the "Fringe With The Fade."

Get your angles on point with the "Angular Fade."

The "Imperial Crown" is a Caesar classic.

Or let it grow with "Spiky Bangs."

Speaking of bangs, the "Unconventional Look" is never a bad option.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, as many more Caesar options can be viewed here.

Maybe this hairstyle isn't as indicative of New Iberia residents as it is simply just a popular do. And today, on the ides of March—Caesar still lives, in the form of the "New Iberia Haircut."

Also, if you want to know the story behind the "New Iberia Haircut" song, go ahead and watch the video below.

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