Henry Kracke is a United States Marine from New Iberia Louisiana. I don't believe Henry is still on active duty but I also know there is no such thing as a former Marine. Henry called our show and after a few minutes of small talk about college football and other opinions on life, he asked if he could explain the real reason for his call.

Henry simply wanted to know if he could have some time on our radio station on the week before Veteran's Day to make this simple yet elegant appeal.

Henry's father served our nation in Vietnam and as Henry explains in the call he feels his father's sacrifice and the sacrifice of thousands of other countless Americans has still never been fully recognized. I realize there are many different ideologies on our nation's involvement in that conflict.

That's not the issue here.

Henry's request isn't about policy, politics, or government doctrine. Henry wants you to think about the people. The men and women who didn't come home to a parade or concert or in a lot of cases a handshake from a neighbor.

All Henry is asking from you and I is for us to make it habit to say thank you to our Vietnam veterans. He is asking for us to shake their hand, thank them for their service and most importantly to tell them "Welcome Home".

That's it. Nothing fancy, outrageous, or even expensive but as priceless as priceless can be. "Thank You, Welcome Home", four words that every member of the American military deserves to hear from the citizens they are proud and bound by sacred honor to defend.



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