Earlier today, KPEL News reported via Chris Reed at Hot 107.9 FM that Trapp's in Broussard was closing its doors for good.

The people who own the building and the property wanted to sell and the new owners are very familiar to the Lafayette area.

Trapp's, google street view
Trapp's, google street view

Tim Metcalf, owner of Deano's Pizza in Lafayette and Prejean's Restaurant in Carencro, tells KPEL News that he is indeed the new owner.

We are very excited to expand Prejean's to where Trapp's was located," says Metcalf in a statement to KPEL News. "We have been able to do some tremendous things at Prejean's and we are really looking forward to bringing that over to the Broussard area.

Metcalf says they will look to keep the music format Trapp's was known for and to utilize that big porch area that the restaurant has displayed for years.

As you know, we love to feature live music at Prejean's and this was just a natural fit," says Metcalf. "Expanding Prejean's to the Broussard area will go so much more people a great opportunity to enjoy Prejean's in their area.

Metcalf says they are looking to open the second location of Prejean's in December 2022/January 2023. With this move, Metcalf will now have two locations of Prejean's and two locations of Deano's - all in Lafayette Parish.

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