Mayors and the respective councils for the cities of Broussard and Youngsville came together on Wednesday to announce a new roundabout and roadway that will connect them in an effort "to continue to keep pace with our rapid growth."

Broussard Mayor Ray Bourque and Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter each spoke at a joint press conference to make the announcement.

Where Will This New Roundabout Be Located?

The new two-lane roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of the Youngsville Highway (LA-89) and Fortune Road in Youngsville. Then, a new roadway will be built off of that new roundabout, connecting it to the roundabout already built at the intersection of Fairfield Road and S. Bernard Road in Broussard.

(Current map of the area including the intersection of the Youngsville Highway (LA-89) and Fortune Road & the roundabout at Fairfield Road and S. Bernard Road)

google maps
google maps

Below you can see the rendering of what the project will look like when it's completed.

Broussard/Youngsville Connector, Facebook via Mayor Ken Ritter
Broussard/Youngsville Connector, Facebook via Mayor Ken Ritter


"This last phase connecting S. Bernard and Fairfield Road to Hwy 89 will enhance traffic flow even more and will shorten travel time for commuters and open up even more development opportunities," said Mayor Bourque. "S Bernard Road will soon allow residents access to four state highways including the Hwy 90/I-49 connector."

"Not only will this provide more economic development for both communities but, more importantly, this will better help facilitate the traffic for the commuters passing through and entering/leaving our communities daily," said Lindy Bolgiano, Youngsville City Councilman. "A few months ago, myself, the rest of our city council and mayor adopted our 2022/2023 Road infrastructure master plan, but this right here tops the list for me. This is such a milestone for both city’s."

"This has been something on the City of Youngsville's list for a long time," said Matt Romero, Youngsville City Councilman. "We finally have taken over Hwy. 89 from the state and can start to make some progress on that entire stretch of road in Youngsville. We are also looking forward to the Fortune Road connection to the City of Broussard so that motorists won't use Sable Palms neighborhood as a cut through anymore, which will be great for all residents in that area."

"Youngsville’s leadership remains steadfast in our commitment that population growth will not outpace our infrastructure," said Mayor Ritter. "We will continue to work together with our friends in Broussard to meet the demands of our growing cities and today’s announcement is indicative our efforts."

Mayor Ritter says the construction will begin in the First Quarter of 2023.

As Construction For A New Roundabout Begins, Construction On Another Ends

One of the two roundabouts near the Youngsville Sports Complex - Savoy & Chemin Metairie Roads - is now officially complete says Mayor Ritter.

The roundabout was fully reopened in August of this year but there was still work to do to make the design of it complete.

A high volume of traffic passes through this area everyday. Having this roundabout complete is a tremendous asset for city residents and those visiting the beautiful complex itself.

Youngsville Roundabout to Undergo Redesign for 9 Months

Another heavily-used roundabout will undergo construction to redesign and improve it. Down the road from the Chemin Metairie/Savoy Road roundabout is Chemin Metairie's roundabout it shares with Detente Road. That roundabout helped move traffic along while drivers dealt with the Chemin Metairie/Savoy Road roundabout construction.

But, further down the road is the roundabout that connects Chemin Metairie and Guillot Road. If you travel through that roundabout, you know that traffic easily builds up there, especially during peak travel times before and after school.

Chemin Metairie and Guillot Road Roundabout, google street view
Chemin Metairie and Guillot Road Roundabout, google street view

The Chemin Metairie/Guillot Road roundabout will be getting redesigned as additional lanes will be added to it.

The construction is expected to take 9 months to finish. In August, Councilman Bolgiano pointed out "the roundabout will be fully functional throughout this process. We’re about to start design phase and then we’re still a year out from construction."

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