The NFL Network has reportedly suspended several former players and analysts over allegations of sexual abuse/harassment.

Those suspended at the network are Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor (former Ragin Cajuns player) and Heath Evans (a former New Orleans Saint.) This comes after a former employee at the network says she was sexually harassed by the former NFL players.

The former employee, who worked in wardrobe, has also filed suit against Eric Weinberger, a former network executive producer and current president of Bill Simmons Media Group.

In her lawsuit, she accuses Faulk of groping her and Ike Taylor of sending her inappropriate photos and videos.

The former NFL Network employee also accuses Eric Davis, Warren Sapp, and Donovan McNabb of sexual harassment. The three former players mentioned here no longer work for the network for various reasons.

We're going to continue to watch this developing story.



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