Nutria Louisiana

A new ranking lists each state's most popular "gross" foods. The state of Louisiana enjoys one of the grossest: nutria. I've never had it, so I won't knock it. But, this does not look appetizing to me.

You think frog legs are questionable? Try eating what's best described as a "large, semi-aquatic river rat" boiled in a Crock-Pot for four hours. Don't worry, it has a demi-glace! For real, the nutria is a bayou classic… despite the off-putting nature of eating what is most definitely a giant rodent. If you've had rabbit (which is even too much for some people) you might draw parallels -- it's similarly rough, tough, and chicken-y. Hey, for the longest time the people down there simply used what they had around. And what they happened to have around were hordes of enormous, terrifying, yellow-toothed water rodents. It's admirable, in a way. Unfortunately, no amount of Cajun spices could erase those nightmare-fueling teeth from our brains.

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