Hunting and fishing trips with a coordinated group is fun. A weekend at a cabin for fishing is great. Begin a part of a lease has its benefits.

But what if you could own your own parcel of land, your own piece of the Sportsman's Paradise, where you could visit any time you want? You could set up your deer stand and leave it there. Plan your seasons without worrying about bothering anyone else. Imagine acres of ground where, if you wanted to, you could dig a pond and fish without having to share even one!

First South Farm Credit can help make that dream a reality. They know about more than just farm land and crops.

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First South Farm Credit has been helping folks finance rural land since 1916. They understand the needs and wants of farmers and those who love the great outdoors. They also understand the Deep South and can get you that piece of property in Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama.

Visit their website for land that is available right now! Make sure to stop by their booths this weekend at the Louisiana Outdoor Expo and ask about how they can help you stake your claim.

What does your ideal Sportsman's Paradise look like? Let First South Farm Credit make it happen.

The Louisiana Outdoor Expo, presented by Fire & Safety Specialist, opens Friday afternoon at 3:00 and continues through Sunday at the Cajun Dome Convention Center.

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